Hallelujah, They're Closing Heaven

by Max Berry

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Samuel Sanchez
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Samuel Sanchez Dark and Ambient. Definitely puts me in the feels. I love the depressing and poetic tone. Incredible. Favorite track: In, or overtaken by.
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This record was recorded in an old baptist church in Phoenix, Arizona by Max Berry over the course of three weeks.


released August 25, 2016

Written and performed by Max Berry

Produced by Kyle Maccaughtry

Mixed and mastered by Javaughn Marshall

Album art photography by Geneva Lehnert

Text by Jake Zachariah

Special thanks: Yung Sweet Precious Levi, the staff of Filiberto's on Bell as well as 35th (RIP), Matthew Anthony, Austin Widman, Nord Electro 2, Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe, reverb, Brian Eno (I don't have to explain this), and anyone who has ever believed in me as well as anyone who hasn't.



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Max Berry Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Son of Self Harm
Sit and count your lies, my love.
Bloodshed pierced your name,
I'll be your Light,
Son of Self Harm.

Can you warrant the fool that you once were?
Can you salvage your worn out faith?
Send it through you head all at once,
Bury your blood under the sand,
Water or wine, makes no difference.

Stained with wrath, you triumph anyway.

If you're going to bury me then do it.
Track Name: In, or overtaken by
Cigarette smoke in the back of your lungs,
Everyone knows.
And God damn it are you close,
To letting us go.

Fuck the heavens, for bringing us a new sin.
Am I alone?
Is Hell my home?

Heaven sent.
I'll be Heaven-sent.

Ill-lighted love of God,
I've been in it,
And I don't care for it.
Track Name: Prestidigitation (Dark Art)
Say your prayers,
And count your blessings for now,
Say there's not an answer,
Sickened, violent soul,
Carry on and off now,
A portion of your hell,
Can we really leave it?
It's not an answer,
We're not alone.
Call it all back,
In a fractured and shattered skin.
God only knows I'm screaming nothing.
God only knows I'm tired of screaming at the noise inside,
But not if it's you.
Track Name: Ambrosia
I swore to God I wouldn't slit my throat,
Dry me out so no one knows about it.
I'm so much like my father when I say I'm not okay,
Just let me keep my power and pain.

Bury me outside,
Singing "hope you let me know"
Don't tell me this could be my portion of Grace.
All in all what's to be learned from silence?

I won't be better off.

Hold onto your hope,
Does the sun set down below in Heaven?
I've made my home in a concrete Hell to ache for someone.

If you love it then let it go,
Are you buried before the throne?
If you love it then let it go.

If you love it then leave it.
Are you married with your mind made up?
What a question, babe.
Track Name: Hallelujah, They're Closing Heaven
Darling, grind down your teeth.
I've been waiting there for you.
Everyone's trying to save me,
And I've been listening for their God under your breath.

The distance in our way grew,
But if it makes no difference to you,
I'm not lying.

Call out, embrace your sin.
Keep it from coming over me again.
I don't know why I'm here,
But I'm not leaving.

Hallelujah, they're closing Heaven.